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Travis Grabhorn - Patriot Tattoo's owner as well as its senior tattoo artist. Travis actually began learning to tattoo in the eighth grade and has been tattooing professionally for over 21 years. A native of San Diego, Travis brings to the table a style which reflects his West Coast heritage.

Travis is well versed in all tattoo styles but when pressed for a favorite he would tell you black and gray custom work. He also excels at fine line, bold line, cover ups, freehand and lettering. Color you ask? Well Travis can lay in some seriously vibrant hues. Travis has won Best Black & Grey Tattoo at the 1999 San Diego Steel & Skin Convention, Best Chest Panel Tattoo at the 1999 Memphis Southern Comfort Convention as well as Best Black & Grey Tattoo at the 2000 Corpus Christie Hole-In-Skin Convention.

Travis' favorite tattoo artist are Steve Smith, Guf Frayer, Filip Leu, Fip Buchanan, Guy Atchison and Greg Irons. Travis' favorite fine artists are Salvador Dahli, Alphonse Mucha and Olivia. In his spare time Travis enjoys drawing, snake hunting and skateboarding.

To All Existing & Future Customers of Travis
All people making appointments and not showing up and canceling less than 24 hours will be charged a $50 deposit fee at the time the appointment is made. Appointments cannot be made over the telephone if starting a new project.

When clients are no-shows, I am losing the appointment which could have been given to an individual who is able to come in. THis also keeps my calendar full when the wait could be much shorter. Please do not make an appointment if you have no intention of keeping it.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but this is a business and the number of individuals not keeping appointments has really hurt Patriot Tattoo in 2012. It is necessary to do this, and I thank you for understanding. In the long run, it will cut down the wait time because I can call someone on the wait list who will be able to make your appointment.

Thank you.
Travis (Patriot Tattoo)
Effective January 1, 2013

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Rob Sampson - Native San Diego tattoo artist. He began drawing as a kid, copying images from comic books. He has been tattooing locally in San Diego since 2001. Rob served his apprenticeship and also his first few years tattooing in the same shop and has been tattooing at Patriot Tattoo since February of 2006.

Rob’s tattoos have appeared in both International Tattoo Art and Tattoo Flash magazines. He also had a backpiece featured in Ultimate Spiderman Issue 97. Most recently, Rob was asked by Sony to design tattoo art for the “Create a Player” feature on the upcoming “NBA ‘08”, released in October of 2007.

Rob has been greatly influenced by, Brom, Gil Elvgren, Arthur Adams, Guy Aitchison, Al Rio, Travis Grabhorn, and his beautiful wife and kids.

When not tattooing, Rob enjoys painting, playing video games, and spending time with his wife and six kids. Most days however, you can find him drawing or tattooing at Patriot Tattoo in Spring Valley, California.

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